Antigua - Jolly Harbour

Donald Macdonald
Tue 13 Apr 2021 20:50
Position 17.03.940N 61.53.090W
A good rain shower overnight help to clear a lot of ash up the mast, shrouds and generally wash the boat down. This morning there were a lot of black areas of dirt where the ash had washed down but not enough water to flush down the decks. This mornings task was to use sea water to clear this off the decks and more cleaning off ash from the solar panel supports and the underside.
A little after 1100 raised anchor to motor, as only 5 knots or less mostly downwind, to Jolly Harbour. Very pleasant motor near the shore and over the shallows. We have come into Jolly Harbour Marina and had our 1st fresh water wash in 7+ weeks. I now feel clean. The boat has also had a full fresh water rinse down and looks the cleanest in ages and not feeling salty underfoot wondering around on the decks. We shall have 2 nights here before exploring all the beaches and coves of the Island.