Mayreau - Careenage (Salt Whistle Bay)

Donald Macdonald
Sat 20 Mar 2021 18:50
Position 12.38.836N 61.23.441W
Last night whilst in Clifton got talking to some French in the bar. Somehow we got onto Covid and they said they had there vaccinations this week at the local clinic on Union Island. It appears the locals don't want the jab so as not to be wasted none locals can have them. This was filed away for when we were at an Island during the week or our next PCR test. This morning we went ashore to get bread and snacks on the Slave green in centre of Clifton there was an open tent and signs saying Covid vaccinations. We asked about it and could have one but required our passports, a trip back to the boat to get them and we had our Oxford AstraZeneca jab without any queues or waiting brilliant. 2nd jab we maybe able to get in Antigua or have to wait until back in UK which will be on the 12 weeks limit. What a bonus for us.
After the vaccination dropped the buoy at 1255 and have motored to Mayreau, Careenage Bay at north of island, another picturesque location and turquoise water. Today anchored in just 3.7M so only half meter under the keel. Arrived at 1400 just 4.5nm done. Rained hard a few times since being here a pleasant change as we have not been in rain of any substance for a few weeks.