Soufriere Bay

Donald Macdonald
Sun 27 Dec 2020 20:13
Left Rodney Bay just after 10 for the 9 mile sail south to Soufriere Bay. Have moored on a local fisherman's ball as nearer to the dock to get ashore. I did not want John to be exhausted if the engine did not start coming back and needed to row all the way. The sail was very slow as the wind was being very fickle and we had some 180 degree wind shifts to keep us amused. As we were under no time constraints did sail all the way in to 100 meters or so of the shore, Not sure of the boat boy, Bradley Cooper, we dealt with, only one out and had no real proof to my like that he worked for SMA the local conservancy group. We are rolling a lot with all the boats going by at speed.
Today you will be able to see us on Marine Traffic as remembered to put the power switch for the splitter to H5000 our navigation computer so a stronger signal would be sent out to the receiving stations.
Presently investigating going for a hike up Gran Piton. All seems quite expensive with a 50US$ entrance fee and you have to have a guide, plus we will need transport to the start, may have to see if the boat boy can help.
Can see a few other ARC boats around the bay and on AIS.