Antigua - Jolly Harbour Marina - Day 6

Donald Macdonald
Fri 30 Apr 2021 17:28
PCR test results did not arrive until this morning, both negative so good.
More boat jobs today:
Furling jib put up and furled.
Dinghy deflated and packed away.
Food shopping for trip done, just short of some orange juice, supermarket here has run out will try and get more later in St John's.
Aft locker packed for trip home with dinghy, outboard, folding bike, sea anchor, working jib, heavy weather jib, both spinnakers, code 0. Large box also put in holding lots of odds and end, petrol, outboard service kit, long electrical lead, 2 vices, CQR anchor that was removed earlier in week, paddles, dinghy repair kit and a few other odds and ends.
Whilst packing locker noticed a leak from fastener holding furling line clutch in place. Removed screws were way under size for job have replaced with proper 8mm ones and seal with butyl tape.
New yacht log book set up, only one page left in previous one.
Laundry taken up earlier get back at 1400.
We leave to cross Atlantic tomorrow via the Azores, and from different routings over last week or so may take anywhere from 18 - 30 days. No forecast goes past 14 days so routing programs in a world of there own and we have the Azores high to get passed which is the problem area to get through.
Our plan before we left UK was to go via Bermuda and the Azores. Bermuda still a very closed country although we could get in, according to what one reads it may take less than a day but could also take up to a week. With restaurants only takeaway and not many places open unlikely to get around the island. Due to all that we have taken decision to miss Bermuda out which is a great disappointment for me as I would like to have seen the changes since I had a week there in the Royal Air Force when in a tanker squadron in 1983 if memory serves me right.