Antigua - Mosquito Cove

Donald Macdonald
Sat 24 Apr 2021 21:53
Position 17.04.595N 61.53.664W
Raised anchor at 0840 for sail around to Mosquito Cove just outside Jolly Harbour. As we passed the entrance to Falmouth Harbour race yacht were coming out and going the same way as us. Sizes ranged from Super Yacht down to a small Megles and something looking like a folk boat. Nice to have some thing to watch. One yacht hoisted its kite and it promptly went in the sea.
Anchored in just 3M of water, so about a foot left under the keel. John has now rubbed the other half of the boat. I was going to look at what I did yesterday but water pump fault took over. The cam assembly had totally disintegrated in the pump. I had a full service kit on the boat so replaced all the diaphragms, seals etc. Had a couple of problems. Because the cam had disintegrated the block on the motor shaft could not lever off so had to get the dremmel grinder out and cut it off. All went together well and installed but had a big water leak. This took nearly an hour to solve, as did removing cam so it was 1700 when tidying up the mess below, grease, dirt water. Pump now is a lot quieter, just need to get another service kit.
Whilst in the engine area noticed the glass bowl of coarse filter already showing a lot of muck and has run less than 4 hours since change, just hope I can get more course filters, fine one already replenished. I think fuel needs polishing and tank cleaned, suspect will not happen until back in UK.
Tomorrow more bottom rubbing then into a Marina. Will be eating onboard again this evening.