Rodney Bay - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Sun 13 Dec 2020 18:45
Great system here for restaurants with Covid rules, they are not allowed to have you dine on the premises but you may order and eat outside off their premises where tables have been set up by them. Very good burger last night with sunny side up egg.
1st thing took 4 sails for repair will go back in the morning to get an idea of price and maybe haggle a bit.
Today bilges dried out some area were very wet, nearly 30 liters sponged up. Further investigations required initially think comes from the rails leaking at the stern as the engine sump is also full of water time will tell. Stores supplies all re-distributed and know what we have left, biscuits in good supply, alarmingly chocolate supply is nil, must have got victualling wrong.
Have a man cleaning salt from hull as just washing with water and brush did not work. Took me back to Saudi days haggling over price he gives to start with and all the excuses it is that much. Eventually got 70% knocked off. The job he has done so far excellent.
John is becoming very literary with all the reading he has done so far. All I have read is about one chapter of a book.
Tomorrow is a holiday here so not sure what will be open.
At night keep dreaming still sailing and need to trim the spinnaker and getting it wrong.