Antigua - Green Island

Donald Macdonald
Mon 19 Apr 2021 18:32
Position 17.04.182N 61.40.236W
Parham is quite a run down seafront area, especially Market Street. Once walked out of the town looked a lot better. The only bar in town Bamboo was closed but a little way up the hill did find a cafe come quick food street vendor, Very good pizza and enjoyed the beers.
Left Parham at 0900 and did a little concentrated navigation out of to area to go south. We were under engine again, should have put sails up. When nearly at the destination just going around the headland, onshore breeze engine cut out. I had already taken a wide berth as sails not ready to go and nervous with the big sea and 15 knots of breeze. Locked the helm and set about cover off the main, halyard then sail up and now heading away from the shore. Good. Just gave the engine another start, which it did and seemed ok. Switched off then did some investigations below including bleeding the fuel line. Nothing obviously wrong and no air in the fuel line. The glass bowl for course filter looks a little dirty. Put 3 reefs in the main and gybed back so would have some control if engine played up again. When less than half mike from planned anchorage engine on and sail down but ready to hoist instantly. Engine fine coming into the anchorage and now in 3.5m of water less than 100 metres from white sand beach with big turtles swimming around. Will do engine service, well fuel filter changes, either in English/Falmouth Harbour.
Lots of cloud coming down, now clear blue skies.