San Miguel - Ponta Delgada Day 7

Donald Macdonald
Wed 26 May 2021 17:10
Rain, rain more rain. A bit of a wet day continuous rain since 0700 and abated about an hour ago. Sorting stuff out in boat for trip up the Atlantic including unpacking our warm kit as looks like we will need it especially at night, including woolly hats.
US Coast Guard tall ship left today in the rain. I wonder if they will send people up the rig to set all the sails or wait until a little more pleasant.
Put waypoint in for trip back at Bar Buoy. In a straight line going through San Miguel and through Swanage land distance 1273nm. Today's weather routing indicates it will take 14 days to get back, we were hoping 11-12, anything can happen yet as forecast of the weather over a week away will be quite suspect.
In the morning cabin to be put in at sea mode, clear customs and immigration and last shave and shower until UK, may get away by midday therefore next update from the ocean waves.