Las Palmas - Net Curtains & Maintenance

Donald Macdonald
Thu 12 Nov 2020 16:33
Today John got the net curtains out. For those clever ones they would have worked out why we got net curtains, it is to make mosquito screens for the windows. Today all John has done is sew the edges so an elastic can be put through to secure over the big hatch on the bow. Next will be the small one in the cabin, 5 portlight windows will be taped on. We have not really worked out how to do the main companionway yet. Ideas but nothing we are convinced about.
John with Net Curtain
Other maintenance today included installing the alternative clutch for the boom brake so is easier to operate and can be seen. The rudder stock has been letting water in when we get swamped with waves. Bodges have included silicon grease on the seal and plastic bag over stock not all totally successful. I had already sourced a seal from known dimensions of the shaft and guessing of outside diameter when a spacer was removed so an off the shelf one would fit. Have had it for 4 or 5 months as putting off incase measurements incorrect and not obvious how to remove seal without damaging it totally. Today bit the bullet removed it and the spacer ring came out easily. Shaft leaned and seal perfect fit all round. Good when something works. All we hope is the water ingress has stopped.
This morning watched a helicopter rescue demonstration with the local lifeboat. Most enjoyable the whir of helicopter blades and the spray off the water.