Back to the UK - Atlantic Ocean - Day 17

Donald Macdonald
Tue 18 May 2021 19:05
Position 36.20.1N 31.07.2W
A couple hours after dark the wind started to build. Code Zero put up for about 3 hours and was taken down about 2 in the morning as apparent wind of 15 knots was being exceeded and we were going along 8-9 knots. Jib unfurled speed dropped a knot, the wind still built and for the last 15-16 hours have had 18-20 with 25 knots gusts. Harold has done well although a wobbly just after dawn when he would do massive S'ss, changed to heading mode all under control again. Have played with some settings for the wind mode but fault still apparent so we continue in heading mode. 167 nm nearer destination last 24 hours,
About midday the Zeus chart plotter GPS has failed and has been our navigation feed since the ZG50, (incorrectly stated Z50 before), froze. Had to go into the stern area even in the big rolly sea to reset it, now have navigation data again. I think the whole system of electronics needs rebooting and the wind fault may clear although not the Zeus as I have already done the tried and tested computer fix of switch it off then on again.
Not sure if we have a fuel leak as the fuel gauge says we have just 40% left 35 litres so have leaked about 50 litres. A cursory check in the locker does not really smell of fuel and and area I would expect to see the hull wet appears dry. Proper check when we get into port when can gain good access to the floor area.
Whilst on watch last night I heard one of the birds crash into the sail. Nothing on deck so think it got away a little stunned.
Good night star watching with the clear sky every night seen numerous shooting stars, some very bright, the odd satellite flying by and the odd aircraft. There are a lot of starts up there and the Milky Way is most impressive. 
Dinner will be beans and chorizo followed by pear halves in juice.