Saint George - Port Louis Marina

Donald Macdonald
Mon 15 Feb 2021 19:19
Position 12.02.606N 61.44.932W
Another good sail this time back south to St Georges and in Port Louis Marina and easier the clear out of the country Thursday because we have a long beat north. Also we have done this because we need another PCR test so are able to go to St Vincent and the Grenadines. We plan to go to the hospital in the morning for the test.
The sail was in average 25 knots true for the most part just aft of the beam. Went for the leisurely way of sailing with just the main up with 1 reef and top surf achieved was 14.6 knots most of the time doing 8.5-9 knots. Very relaxing going back into a marina you know and this time they did answer the radio so we knew where we were going. Reversed into the berth, John threw a line to a waiting member of the marina then jumped to the dock but slipped and so had an unexpected swim. He tells me the water is warm. He did swim fast to the stern so not to get caught between the boat and dock. All OK no injuries, funny for us onlookers.