Back to the UK - Atlantic Ocean - Day 5

Donald Macdonald
Thu 6 May 2021 17:02
Position 23.07.2N 55.55.7W
Officially out of the tropics and into the temperate climate. That was a pleasant 5 months of good weather.
This big ocean called the Atlantic and all that space we had to tack in the early hours to avoid a tug something on a 600 meter line to avoid it. A pity was not daylight then we could have seen what it was.
Harold doing well to date and long may he carry on guiding us along our passage.
No little jobs done today, just looking across the big blue ocean. This morning just after dawn John saw a dolphin with her tiny offspring swimming alongside. All I have seen is some flying fish and a bird gliding about.
Dinner tonight Heinz beef vegetable soup then pineapple slices.