Bequia - Admiralty Bay - Day 5

Donald Macdonald
Thu 1 Apr 2021 20:12
Laundry dropped off this morning and collected this afternoon. We both had lots but John had a bigger bill than me so I am happy. Makes up for his incredibly cheap one in Port Louis to mine and I had a lot less to be done.
This morning tried to get money out the ATM without success, locals could not either. This was looking like a problem for me as only enough for 2 days maybe. This afternoon success as was working when laundry picked up.
Battery charging from solar panel ongoing problem. This morning batteries down at 12.2 vdc, not good. WE had perfect sunshine and should have had big current going in but was a little low and the solar panel was not outputting 46-47 volts to the controller. Also I have 3 different ways to see battery voltage, solar charger display, battery monitor and multimeter. All 3 give different results by 1 volt. The multimeter is the mean of the other 2. The solar charger has a way to adjust the charging voltage thresholds in a User mode. These have now been adjusted so for the various charging modes, boost and float have adjusted them up so see correct voltage on battery terminals with the multimeter. This I hope is not causing other problems and will see better battery health in the morning from overnight use. To be monitored.
Better put the laundry away now.