Marigot Bay - Day 4 - Christmas Eve

Donald Macdonald
Thu 24 Dec 2020 20:13
Very warm here and only one Xmas decoration up. A few bars may be opening up but we are still not sure if happening for real or just keeping our expectations ups.
Dinghy engine still not playing ball. Replaced spark plug this morning. Stopped and started it a few times all OK. Took it for a spin let it idle then stalled and would not star again even after drying the plug. This afternoon worked OK. Very annoying when one not sure of the fault and not having the right tools and bench to investigate properly. Got 5 months to fix it unless we are in a more demanding place and rowing not really an option.
If you are all lucky you may have a white scene outside in the morning if I am to believe the temperatures forecast.
Tomorrow will plan to have my Christmas shower as a present to myself.  ( No I not smell!!)