Las Palmas - Partying and maintenance

Donald Macdonald
Sat 7 Nov 2020 16:05
Checked in with marina and customs, very smooth. All med style mooring not very good for this boat so have bow in to get on and off.
Boat all washed down inside and out plus foul weather gear.
About 4 litres of water found under bunks and sink. not sure where came from and not considered a major problem with 6 days at sea in some exciting conditions will look further during the 2 weeks before we are off to St Lucia.
Maintenance list has 30 items so far the more significant being the boom gooseneck toggle has a lot of slack in it hopefully chandlery here can get, will confirm on Monday. Available in UK if I have to get it shipped. Checkstay 'U' bolt looking to get exact pitch of one broken so do not have to do any epoxy filling. Iridium antenna needs moving up think on starboard tack the solar panel shields too much upwards looking and have difficulty receiving weather data email as loses host connection. Other jobs include:
    backstay antichafe strip to solar panel
    mast inspection (tomorrow)
    PredictWind find out if files used by laptop can be used on tablet app
    rope bag stbd side
    lifering bracket fix
    hydraulic backstay tensioner work out why pin to handle keeps migrating out (lucky so far have seen it before lost)
That is just a few on the list.
Next today is partying. Last night quiet couple of beers, food early bed. Tomorrow go and watch start of the ARC+.