Back in Rodney Bay - Day 4

Donald Macdonald
Sun 3 Jan 2021 19:31
Today had the Yachty Breakfast we were to have when here last time. It did not disappoint which included a Rum Punch as well as the standard English breakfast ingredients and toast etc. The Rum Punch did seem a little stronger than normal and was very nice too, this one did not have Grenadine in it so stayed orange looking.
The dinghy has a wooden bar securing the floor boards together, one of the brass bolts had sheared so only 2 of the 3 boards were secured to reinforce the base. Today I had to drill out the broken bit of bolt in the fitting that was flush with it. Once out I expected to get the thread part out, this I failed at. As luck would have it, I did for some reason have one tap die of the right size in the toolbox so was able to re-thread the hole. I do not have a replacement bolt as the thread for the 4mm bolt is coarser than the standard machined bolts. Tomorrow a visit to the chandlery to see if they have something that will fit.
Other jobs not carried out as we had regular rain showers today, tomorrow expected to be drier so maybe more productive.