ARC - Day 11

Donald Macdonald
Thu 3 Dec 2020 16:03
Position 20.10N  45.37W
Again the night brought all the excitement. This time with rain and we mean rain and lightening. All day yesterday it had been cloudy with the odd shower in the evening we got some proper tropical storms, with wind shift and lightening in the clouds everywhere. The lightening just above us the most concerning, there were a few that when trying to see the sea to steer it would appear to happen at sea level and I'm sure burned my retinas, well at least no sight for a few seconds. It lasted until after light. I did find out John does not like thunder and lightening must have been more concerning for him when on watch. We did have wind al night with 2 reefs in the main and averaging 8 knots.
Not long after the shower cells stopped so did the wind, a very frustrating couple of hours then pursued. When it did come in at 20 knots just east of north again not as forecast. John had not been below long when the wind was touching 26 knots with full main so a shout down to get him back up. He did but I was told if called 5 minutes earlier would have been in the heads and I said if this had come 5 minutes earlier he would have had a real mess to clear up. Just after starting this blog with wind has come up further to 33 knots so had to interrupt my efforts to get the 3rd reef in. Wind nearly coming from the right direction but stronger than expected.
During the frustrating couple of hours this morning cracked under 1000 nm to go. Presently the plotter gives 942 nm left.
Trench foot. John and myself are wearing deck shoe/trainers and often on the foredeck get wet feet and all the rain just cannot help it. The shoes never dry and feet always wet or least feel that way when in the bunk for a kip. Our palm of hands and fingers had wrinkled walnuts from permanently steering and the leather covered wheel soaked last night.
We have had some glorious sunsets and rises so far, this morning no exception with the orange of the sun across the water and the menacing looking storm clouds out to the north.
I'm sure most of you have noticed a pattern in our menu. Tonight Beans and Chorizo, cheese, hot baguette then pear halves.