Union Island - Chatham Bay - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Mon 1 Mar 2021 18:32
Yesterday we were picked up by the beach bar/restaurant boat and taken ashore. The bar had a great atmosphere and the view across the bay brilliant. It was the 1st time since being here that I felt as though was in the Caribbean with the beach bar and the sun setting on the horizon, almost perfect. We did get a lift back as well.
Today has been glorious sunshine, no clouds although still a little windy so dinghy not launched yet. Did go for a swim with turtles and started the cleaning of the hull. Lots of slime and on leading trailing edges of keel and rudder barnacles also some on the flat area at the stern. These are a little harder to remove. If we go in and do 15 minutes each day I am sure the hull will be clean and maybe keels if we can get there and scrub enough before floating back up.
Some more deck cleaning done and the mast rigging fixings either side of the mast. Was a little concerned for a while when saw what looked like a crack radiating out from a pin on one fitting. More polishing and the a magnifying glass identified it not to be a crack but a scratch.
Fresh baguette got from a boat boy this morning still warm from cooking. Had half for lunch with lettuce and tomato, lovely.