Grenada - Quarantine Day 4 Martin's Bay

Donald Macdonald
Sun 17 Jan 2021 18:42
Anchor alarm went off during the night, not because we moved but the tablet for some reason had lost the GPS signal for a few minutes. Reset and all good. John been for a swim again today and checked anchor not moved since yesterdays inspection.
On his swim today John also cleaned the rudder of barnacles, just a few, and wiped the slime off. Hull has a few on it and will be removed over the next few days at anchor. We keep seeing turtles coming to the surface to breath then back down to the bottom.
A few boats have left the area so not as crowded around us and 2 have arrived and have quarantine flags up so we will still have company when the Fisheries department start the laying of buoys in the area tomorrow.
In the morning we need to be efficient to ensure we are ashore for 9 a.m. for a Covid test. Dinghy aft section has deflated a little hopefully the reason that the inflation point cap was not put on properly before. We will take pump in case more serious leak at hand.
No doubt another bottle Rum Punch later.