Saint George - Port Louis Marina Day 3

Donald Macdonald
Wed 17 Feb 2021 19:26
Early last evening received our Covid results, both negative. This morning filled in the Pre-Arrival form one for each of us and got response. Sent response, PCR test results and passport copy to Corona Task Force who confirmed received. Sent Sail Clear Arrival notification email and PCR test results to SVG Arrivals who should come back with stamped form that we are allowed to travel to SVG. This we have not received yet which is a worry as information sent some hours ago and I have had a couple of other no-replies from them so not convinced all is going to plan. We cannot afford to check out of Grenada without this form or we could be stuck in limbo.
Rained all morning here so did a deck wash down. Things do look a little cleaner. Also managed to get a pin that will accept an 'R' clip to secure the anchor in place on bow after cycling to Budget Marine over at Prickly Bay. We will just have to be careful extracting pin as unable to put any retaining line on it.