San Miguel - Ponta Delgada Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Fri 21 May 2021 15:48
PCR test done this morning at 1100, very thorough swab up the nose and down the throat. We hope to get result back today but some think will be tomorrow. Not good as Marina office closed over the weekend and there is a holiday here Monday so closed. Just wait and see.
Mast rigging check nothing new on the inspection so good to go.
Access made to area under cooker that leaks water to the floor. It was totally dry in there but you can see where water does pool. Will monitor the area on trip north. Area cleaned up and will put door on the access as good storage space available. Do need to make another hole but require a hole saw so can put access hatch in to where fridge body is to see if the drain is leaking as the drain tubing does not naturally drain down as has a kink so water can pool and cause pressure on a connection that is not to see any pressure with unintended consequences of water on cabin sole going around engine and absorbing some in the sound foam.
Heads given a clean, mildew on the ceiling and disinfected all around.
Water tank filled. We did not go on to the 2nd one during the trip and ran the 1st to empty to see how much left, estimate about 20 litres, therefore just 80 litres used. Next leg I don't plan to be so frugal with water usage for cleaning.
Engine checks completed.
It was freezing here this morning we had to put fleeces on to keep warm, pleasant again now.
Last night had delivery of food from the restaurant across from us about 100 meters away. If still in quarantine tonight will get another delivery over the gate of the pontoon.