Rodney Bay - Day 3

Donald Macdonald
Mon 14 Dec 2020 16:49
Maintenance continues on the boat. Leak in aft locker unable to be identified even after putting the backstay and check stays fully on and using high pressure water around all fittings. For the time being that leak will remain a mystery.
Wheel leather stitching being redone where has fallen apart. Check stay sheets that go through clutches and baby stay  chaffed rope having extra chafe protection sleeve added. All missing shackles on the Bowspit replaced.
The hull clean is finished and looks good he even got rid of some stains from transom which I had not done this year.
Sail repairs quote received, a lot cheaper by at least a half of that of UK I would have expected. Haggled and more discount received, 25%, wants paying in US$. Sails should be ready Thursday morning.
For the finish of the race a photographer came out and has picked up the squall we had as coming around headland to the finish and even a rainbow. 45 photos taken and very pricey so will go and haggle that as we do not think he has applied his own various scaling factors correctly. He maybe in his booth later if no one is finishing as they were yesterday so unable to negotiate.
Photos can be found at