.... to Las Palmas - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Sun 1 Nov 2020 17:06
Position. 38.44N 11.06W  80+ miles offshore no shipping or birds seen in 10 hours.
Steady 24 hours at sea since last update. Engine was turned off at 1am after 15 hours continuous trouble free running, long may that continue. We have been continuously beating since leaving Foz. The wind is presently following forecasts with a southwesterly F2-3 in a 2 meter swell. We have done a few tacks to try and get west where there is a little more pressure. We are now managing COG 190 and SOG of 5 knots. Later this evening or early morning we are expecting to run the engine again for an extended time. At least we are going the right direction upwind, down the world.
Maintenance checks carried out on engine all looked good, oil and water. The jubilee clip on the fuel filter had slipped a little so repositioned. The Radice gland seal lubricated. Water check under bunks, all dry. Looks promising that one has been cured.
Dinner this evening chicken in white sauce, peas, carrots, baguette followed by sliced pineapple in juice.