Grenada - Clarke's Court Marina Day 10

Donald Macdonald
Thu 4 Feb 2021 19:39
Spoke too soon yesterday about the weather, it tipped it down a few minutes after sending and was a lot longer than the normal few minutes.
Today did get the engine fuel seals I was trying to get in Las Palmas. It was a hard cycle as on all the hills ( had 5 separate climbs) going there the wind was always against me. Coming back did feel better although hard I must be really getting unfit or these small folding bikes are not the best for hill work, a little over 20 miles. It does have 3 gears the stumery archer ones.
John went the other way to supermarket and bank only one steady incline both ways.
The pedestal parts are moving along and now in the FedEx Hub in Memphis. Tracking still does not indicate when the parts will arrive yet, still has it as pending.