Back in Rodney Bay - Day 5

Donald Macdonald
Mon 4 Jan 2021 21:16
Hoorah, laundry in the wash, get it back tomorrow. Although there was no one there last Saturday they did know we had been there to get it done. Big Brother without the cameras.
Barbados is likely to go into lockdown tomorrow as they have gone from 10 cases to 200 in a day, appears to be due to the visitor over Xmas/New Year not following the rules. Wayne phoned me from the Club to say due to this they are going to cancel the event. We shall wait here a few days to work out how the other Islands are doing then work out where to go next. Initially looking at Grenada and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines.
Got a replacement bolt for the dinghy floor boards today, did have to hacksaw it down a little so fits level. Did further investigations on the aft locker area leak still no nearer to identifying where the water is coming in. Will look in to one plug ( hole in toe rail with no obvious plug/seal below)in the toe rail in due course when not raining as much. Lots of heavy rain showers today.