Antigua - English Harbour - Freeman Bay

Donald Macdonald
Wed 21 Apr 2021 21:22
Position 17.00.176N 61.45.615W
Left Green Island at 0935 after the rain storm and zero visibility. Sun came out and fast sail south to English Harbour on a full main surfed a few times at 12 knots. As we left we had no wind or boat speed so suspected the computer, reset no change. Boat speed got going eventually and we noticed the anemometer was stuck still. Wind estimated to be 20-25 knots going down wind in big sea was fun. Arrived Freeman bay and anchored in 4.5m of water.
1st order of tee day was to go up the mast and remove wind sensors from the top and remove the stbd D1 so we could get another one made. Wind instrument was just the sensor and that was replaced in The Signal Locker in a few minutes. What I thought would be the major problem solved.
Rigging is the problem. Been to both rigging shops in Antigua and both do not have one of the fittings, 10mm spoon that fits into the mast, The Antigua Rigging Shop asked if I could try a 'T' piece, which I have done and does not fit so we have a problem. Back to the rigging shop when it opens to see if they can get one from St Martin otherwise we shall go back with the dodgy bit fitted back in place. The Antigua Rigging Shop is a little over a mile walk so getting in some exercise.
Wind instrument put back together and fitted to mast head and we now have wind speed indicated.