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Date: 22 Dec 2011 18:55:50
Title: Atlantic Crossing

Blog Update!!!
Atlantic Crossing
The crossing took us 15 days 10 hours.
We arrived just outside Jolly Harbour in the dark, so had to feel our way into the anchorage
The distance recorded by the ships log was 2,453 miles, which means we averaged 6.63 knots during the passage.
We had some very high speeds recorded at times, especially when the wind was blowing 25 plus knots.
The highest speed was recorded at 11.5 knots when we flew the Parasailor and still had it up in a gust of 32 knots.
Needless to say we waited for the wind to drop down to 16 knots before we attempted to take it down.
This is the Parasailor, and you can see the opening which is in fact the wing which keeps the sail very stable.
Here is Rhu demonstrating surfing along with the Parasailor up.

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