BVIs to the Azores - Day Fifteen 34 20.443N 040 21.208W

Mike and Liz Downing
Wed 11 Jun 2014 21:50
A quiet night and day with light winds continuing. Rarely has the speed exceeded 5kts and it's been closer 3kts most of the time. 6 hours of motor sailing in the early hours, when the wind dropped right down, helped contribute to our noon-to-noon run of 112 miles. Although light, the wind kept us busy yesterday afternoon/evening when it kept changing direction - one minute from the SSW and WNW, or even NW, the next. So the pole was switched from side to side 3 times in as many hours until the wind had made it's mind up to stay around the WSW. It's forecast to stay very light until tomorrow when it may increase. The sea is right down and it's been a lovely warm day, so good for looking out for dolphins or whales. We did see a couple of pilot whales (slightly bigger than the bigger dolphins) 50 yards or so away yesterday heading west. So it is worth keeping a good lookout.

The saga of the scupper leak continues. The repair stopped any water coming in around the scupper, so that was good. However, apparently it didn't stop it going into the deck, which is a balsa sandwich. We always thought that was a possibility and thought we would have to dry it all out when making a proper repair (that would include sealing the deck where the scupper deck tube goes through). What we didn't reckon on was that a plate had been screwed into the deck from inside the boat to act as a backing plate for an old deck fitting that was removed back in 2007. The fittings screw holes had been sealed on deck, but, we discovered, not on the inside. So in another close-by locker we have 4 holes going up into the balsa sandwich deck - just perfect to let in any water that happens to be in the deck! So we had quite a bit water in the locker to mop up again today. The holes are not easy to get to so we haven't decided yet whether to try and block them up or wait until we do the proper repair. Keeping them open will at least tell us that the repair has properly sealed the deck, but it would be nice to keep the inside of the boat dry, so may just try a very temporary repair to plug the holes that can easily be removed once the scupper has been properly repaired. There's always something to keep us busy!

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