Day 8 - 32 44.14S 175 29.70E

Mike and Liz Downing
Sun 7 Nov 2010 05:35
A dry night and day and things are drying out. Magnificent sunrise this morning and it's been sunny most of the day, but still cold! We hope it's a bit warmer on land. The wind has been better than expected - the forecast was for very light winds as we sail through the high pressure - and has come round more to the east so we've sailed all day making anything from 3kts to 7kts. The noon-to-noon run was 132.4, not too bad considering the conditions. The swell is only half a metre or less and in the sun, the sea is a gorgeous blue. At the time of writing this we have approximately 120 miles to go, so hope to get in tomorrow at some point, depending on the winds.

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