Blue Lagoon (Nanuya Lailai) Photos

Mike and Liz Downing
Sun 19 Aug 2012 05:28
As well as good swimming, there's also good snorkelling on the reefs. We've tried one and it was good, seeing the biggest octopus we've ever seen, but the strong winds have arrived and snorkelling put on hold until after the weekend when they're supposed to go down again. So we've been for walks ashore, along the beach and up the hills where there are great views of the reefs and the turquoise water around them. We thought Musket Cove would be a good place for others to come, but  this is probably better if you want to get away from it all. There are 8 resorts in this area and all those we have seen have been traditionally built and well secluded behind coconut palms lining the beaches. 
Looking south at the route we came in, with a rather nice, and slightly bigger, yacht anchored
on its own.
The reefs to the north on a blustery day.
Aurora B in the centre.
It's a beautiful beach and when the sun shines it's even better.
The Yasawa Flyer, dropping off and picking up people and supplies.
The Flyer never docks at any of it's pick-up points, but just drifts while small boats come along
side. Sometimes it appears to get a touch close to anchored yachts.
Coconut palms cover the shoreline all round the islands here.
Lots of coconuts........
........ and lots of signs. So far we've been lucky!
Fresh fruit delivery from Moses from the local village.
The resort on the beach, and a nice little reef in front of it.
The resort grows its own pineapples.
And makes it's own ice cream!
The resort generators hidden in the woods up the hill behind the resort. Having our own
generator, we get quite interested in things like this!
They have some big spiders over here and this one is about 6 inches across (from the
tip of one leg, across it's body to the tip of a leg on the other side). We are told that they
are not poisonous. Just as well as some friends had one drop from a tree into their dinghy
when it was tied up ashore. They didn't spot it until they found it on their boat.