The Marquesas - Nuku Hiva - Photos 6 - Daniel's Bay and Waterfall

Mike and Liz Downing
Wed 25 Aug 2010 04:28
Daniel's Bay and the waterfall - the 3rd highest in the world. Daniel's bay is on the south western corner of Nuku Hiva, hidden from the sea by a dog-leg entrance. Inside is probably the most dramatic anchorage we have been in. The cliffs are vertical and tower over the boats below. 
The hike up to the waterfall was a 5 hour round trip through a lovely wooded valley, crossing fast running streams on the way.
The route is not that clear once in the woods and little piles of stones (on the left) are used to show the right track.
The top of the waterfall. Shame there wasn't much water falling when we went,
although it started raining as soon as we reached it!
The pool at the base of the waterfall. We swam here - in the rain - and then
saw the resident fresh water eel - 6ft long with lots of teeth!