The Blue Lagoon - 16° 56.585S 177° 21.989E

Mike and Liz Downing
Tue 14 Aug 2012 05:51
Being later than planned getting over to the Yasawas, this was one place we wanted to try and make sure we did get to, having heard so much about it, so we came straight here from Naviti, a distance of 25 miles. Again, although forecast to be from the southeast, the winds were well north of east and this time it was much more of a straight motor into much stronger winds and bigger seas. Thinking it would be more from the south east once we had turned the corner and headed north, we had hoped to just use the genoa, but it was too fine on the bow and even putting up the main, and getting soaked in the process, didn't help that much. But we are here now and it looks like living up to all the hype. It's an enclosed stretch/channel of water surrounded by 6 islands and their surrounding reefs. So it's a protected anchorage in all directions. The bottom appears to be sand - we're anchored in 63 feet, so can't see the bottom - and the holding good. The main Blue Lagoon beach is soft white sand and the fringing coral starts much further out than most beaches in Fiji, so it's a lovely swimming beach, with crystal clear water and a sandy bottom. Although it's very windy, the skies have been clear and sunny all day, and even getting soaked putting up the sail wasn't a problem - when the sun does shine, it is very hot.     
A high level view of Blue Lagoon area showing the 3 possible routes in - one from the south
(which we used), one from the west and one from the east.
The main anchorage and the main Blue Lagoon beach. The light blue pin is where we're anchored.
A lovely view on a lovely day, looking at the southern entrance.
The closest resort is on the beach, mostly hidden behind the coconut palms. All the resorts
we've seen in the Yasawas are like this and all generally appear to be very small - probably
with a lot less than 40 people when full.
The area of the beach to the right is reserved for Blue Lagoon Cruises. Every few days a ship
will appear and back up to the beach bringing passengers for a day out on the famous Blue
Lagoon beach. When the ship is in, the area to the right is out of bounds, but when it's not,
we can go anywhere along the beach, and at low tide can walk all the way around the island.
One of the small cruise ships that come into the lagoon, with a seaplane taking off from the
really really posh resort on the next island. The resorts all seem to be reasonably priced , but
this one is mega exclusive, for film stars and the like, and cost well over £1,000 per night!
The Blue Lagoon beach, mid-tide.
It's a lovely beach to swim off with soft sand on the bottom. 
Looking the other way.
The resort boat that they use to pick guests up from the Yasawa Flyer that comes into the
lagoon around 13.00 every day. It brings people from the mainland and other islands for
their stay here, and takes them back again when it's time to leave.
The tip of the island to the west is just in the way of what would otherwise be a perfect sunset.