New Caledonia to Australia (Bundaberg) - Day 2 - 22 57.608S 163 49.024E

Mike and Liz Downing
Sun 14 Oct 2012 04:37
Wind SSE to SE 12-18kts through most of the last 24 hours, which for us meant it was on or just behind the beam. So it needs to come round more before we can get the windward pole up (ideally we need it 120 degrees from our heading). The forecast suggest it will come round further, but not until later on Monday. On Tuesday the forecast is for the wind to go right round to the east. Now that would be good! We shall see. The swell is getting bigger as they suggested, but so far the waves are quite a way apart and we just rise up and over them, with little effect on the motion. The small wind-blown chop on top of the swell is more of an annoyance. Our noon-to-run was 144 miles and at noon we had 641 miles to go. There's been water down the side decks as we're still cutting across the swell, but up until 13.00, no significant water anywhere near the cockpit. That's when we decided to put a 2nd reef in the main and I started to go forward to the mast. Just got out the cockpit when and a big wave broke over the bow sending spray all over me. That's what you call bad timing! There's a trough going through the area at present and it's overcast with the odd period of drizzle. Again, the forecast is for it to clear tomorrow and we're hoping for clear skies by the end of the day. With no moon, the 100% cloud cover makes it very very dark at night.

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