Photos from Isabela, Galapagos - Penguins!

Mike and Liz Downing
Thu 29 Jul 2010 08:27
Galapagos penguins are small, cute and swim very fast. When in the water there cleaning the boat we were buzzed by penguins! A bit like cartoon characters they would shoot up to you, stop, look you straight in the eye only inches away and then shoot off again.
The colony lived on the rocks that surrounded the anchorage so they would come close to the boat
and eat the weed that grew just above the waterline.
Zooming around the boat and dinghy.
 We did manage to get photos of some at rest ........ using mask, snorkel and underwater camera to sneak up on them!
Target sighted .........
We got very close - looking up from the water!
We've been spotted! But he never moved, and we swam off to leave him in peace.