Floreana 3

Mike and Liz Downing
Tue 6 Apr 2010 22:42
Galapagos flycatcher
One of Darwin's finches - a small tree finch we think.
There are 13 species of finch known collectively as Darwin's finches. They all developed from a common ancestor
and were one of the corner stones to Darwin's theory on evolution.
And yet more tortoises ........
A tortoise head to head!  The one on the left backed down and gave way.
There were very few smaller tortoises like this one.
The day ended with an opportunity to snorkel round the rocks. The highlight was another encounter with sea lions. Two swam round us, rolling over, looking at us upside-down, blowing bubbles (which we're told they do to imitate divers' bubbles), and when they had completed the performance they looked at us as though to say "what did you think of that". They then did it all again. Unfortunately the camera housing had misted up and we only got blurred images, but we hope we'll get another opportunity.
Yellowtail surgeon fish