NZ - Countryside

Mike and Liz Downing
Sun 19 Dec 2010 06:30
Pictures taken on the way to the southern end of 90 Mile beach (using the car hire that we won).
Look familiar? Just like the UK, but on the other side of the World! And all the trees and plants are different.
More hilly than the UK - Hobbit Country
There are very few sheep here - it's mostly cattle country, but all very pretty
Tree ferns are everywhere in the woodland in this part of NZ - it is all very lush.
There are lots of these as well - a kahakaha we think.
There are quite a lot of these lorries about and they travel fast, unless going up hill, when they go very slow!
We didn't meet much traffic, but some NZ drivers are clearly crazy - the small truck behind actually
overtook the lorry as it went round this hairpin bend.