Day 6 - 29 36.806S 177 34.123E

Mike and Liz Downing
Fri 5 Nov 2010 01:47
Very light winds over the last 24 hours - 6 knots or less - so it's been motor sailing the whole time to keep the speed up to get south before the Coral Sea low comes across tomorrow. That's likely to give higher winds and a lot of rain. While light, the winds have been clocking anti-clockwise - starting off in the south east and then going through east, north east, north and now north west. We expect it to continue to go round and be on the nose tomorrow. After the low has passed through tomorrow the winds are forecast to be lightish and from south to south east for the next few days and we hope we'll get a reasonable run in. The day-to-day run was 138 miles. We've sailed 851 miles so far and have another 364 to go. The skies are overcast today and after yesterday's sun, it's quite cold again. The duvet is now out and we've found the socks and deck shoes!

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