Darwin Update + Pictures ( Lizard to Darwin)

Mike and Liz Downing
Wed 4 Sep 2013 12:02
There are too many pictures for one entry (our service provider only allows up to about 2.5mb), so this and the following entries get us back up to date. Since arriving at Darwin we've been in the Tipperary Waters marina working on the boat, getting her ready for the next passage. The marina is only small and is surrounded by very expensive looking houses that overlook it - a bit like a marina village. It's entered via a small lock (one boat at a time). The tidal range here is quite big and all the marinas have locks to keep the water in and the boats afloat at low tide. There's been lots of jobs to do, from washing the boat down to get rid of all the salt and give her a good clean, going up the mast to check the rigging and replacing our pole topping lifts that were looking very sad, changing the oil in the engine and generator, repacking all the main lockers, service the winches (or at least the 4 bigger ones - still another 5 to go, but not today! They'll have to wait for the next maintenance stop) and shopping. Lots of shopping to re-provision. However, we did give ourselves one day off - a very long day in fact. Up at 04.30 to be picked up by 05.45 for a full day trip to Kakadu - the largest National Park in Australia. It's the heart of the outback in the Northern Territory and real life Crocodile Dundee country (Crocodile Dundee was based on a local character from this area). It's also over a 3 hour drive to get there, but it was well worth it to see what the outback looks like, see and learn about the aboriginal culture and rock paintings, but even more impressive, the fantastic wildlife (including lots of saltwater crocodiles). We arrived back at 21.00 a bit weary, but very pleased we had decided to go. But, before pictures of Kakadu, back to Lizard Island. (It seems a very long time ago.)  
Our measure of the clarity of water - how far we can see down the anchor chain! This
is pretty good - Lizard Island was a delight.
So inviting - not a place you want to leave in a hurry!
Soft, fine sand and an empty beach.
Changing shoes for the walk up to Cooks Lookout.
Look closely and you can see a 2ft+ lizard (goanna) that we came across on the trail - the
reason Cook named it Lizard Island.
Mad dogs and Englishmen....  It was a very hot day and a slow plod upwards ..... 
... often across bare rock, but .... 
.... the views looking back down were superb. The coral reefs are clear to see.
Aurora B floating on air!
Coming down across the rock was far worse than going up.
That's it - Cook's Look, as they call it here.