Day 5 - 18 23.340S 172 10.477W

Mike and Liz Downing
Mon 20 Sep 2010 02:34
Noon-to-noon run of 126.4 miles. The wind has been up and down throughout the last 24 hours, so not so much progress as we would have liked. The night was very squally with increased winds and rain, but no squall lasted for more than few minutes - just long enough to have to reduce sail and to get everything in the cockpit wet! Still, the day so far today has been good - quite sunny and dry. In the approach to Tonga we're sailing over some of the deepest spots in the ocean. Looking around on the chart where we are there are depths around 25,000ft, or nearly 5 miles deep. The Tonga Trench which we are crossing has depths a bit further south of over 30,000ft - deeper than Everest is high. Definitely not the time to drop something important over the side! Still keeping in visual sight of Troutbridge and they're currently about 2 miles behind. With about 98 miles to go we hope to be in around lunchtime tomorrow.

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