Heading West - Day 2 - 10 56.409S 137 23.196E

Mike and Liz Downing
Tue 20 Aug 2013 06:36
A day of much lighter winds, especially overnight when the speed dropped down to 3-4kts for quite a while. Still, in the bright full moon and gentle seas it was very pleasant sailing. The climate up here is also very pleasant, rising to around 28C during the day and dropping to around 25C at night. With the light winds the noon to noon run was down to 120 miles, but overall we're doing okay, being most of the way across the Gulf of Carpentaria and heading for Cape Wessel. No visitors last night, except the Australian Maritime Patrol aircraft which made contact again and asked a similar set of questions. Looks like that could be nightly routine, which is no problem. It's nice to have a chat!