Tuamotu - Toau

Mike and Liz Downing
Fri 27 Aug 2010 06:42
The atoll of Toau is a slightly small version of Fakarava, but the lagoon is not safe for navigation - too many coral heads. There is a pass on the east coast to get into the lagoon, but only local boats use it. Yachts use the false pass on the north of the atoll. This looks like a pass, but the lagoon end is blocked by coral, as the picture below shows. Two families live on this part of the atoll and have installed about 8 mooring buoys. There is no charge provided you buy an evening meal (which they prepare a couple of times a week) at least once while you stay there. Unfortunately we couldn't stay long enough for that and paid for our stay with a bottle of wine and a small shaker of  parmesan cheese!
Aurora B on a buoy at the head of the false pass.
The two families had built their own small church.
Looking across the lagoon. The wind never stopped blowing 20+ kts the whole time we were there.
Although only 2 families live here, the leading lights/marks into the false pass are substantial and well maintained.