BVIs to the Azores - Day Two 22 04.645N 064 01.466W

Mike and Liz Downing
Thu 29 May 2014 21:17
Light winds of around 10-12kts for most of the last 24 hours, but we've been able to keep up around 5-5.5kts most of the time and our noon-to-noon run was 127 miles. Unfortunately we haven't been able to make much easting as the wind is well north of east. Currently we're making a course of 358 - not good at all! But over the last 24 hours we've averaged 013 degrees. The wind is swinging back and forth and at one time we were making 020. (All courses are True by the way - I always work in true, never magnetic). The forecast suggests the wind will start going south of east later tomorrow and if it does that will make a big difference. It's also forecast to go even lighter, down to 7kts, and that's not so good, but we'll be happy as long as there's enough wind to keep sailing, and preferably in approximately the right direction! To head for the Azores we need to be making a course of around 050.

Yesterday was overcast, but it cleared overnight and the stars came out. With no moon they all shone very brightly. Venus had us fooled for a few minutes as it wasn't where we thought it should be. It's the brightest object in the morning sky, so it had to be Venus and then we realised that last time we saw it we were heading north west towards the Caribbean. Now we're tying to head north east, so it's shifted from being behind to being on the starboard beam. It's new moon time now, so no moon for the next few days. We have a few clouds today, but it's been mostly sunny and with a slight, beautiful sea it's a lovely sailing day (apart from going in the wrong direction!).

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