Tuamotu - Fakarava - Photos 2

Mike and Liz Downing
Fri 27 Aug 2010 06:42
The calm waters of the lagoon and a dinghy beach rather than dinghy dock.
Most of the time the dinghies were tied up to the branches of the overhanging trees. We could stand on the edge of the water here and watch fair sized sting rays come right up close. 
Snorkelling was good in the lagoon, with good coral outcrops. We were told that the best snorkelling was in the pass into and out of the lagoon, but that was several miles away and a bit too far to go for our small dinghy.
Our best picture so far of Christmas tree worms.
An exquisite butterfly fish
Convict surgeonfish
Unicorn fish under the boat - there was a shoal of about 15
Blue chromis, above and below
and of course, a nurse shark.