Bundaberg to Brisbane Day 2 Noon Position 25 45.678S 153 22.216E

Mike and Liz Downing
Wed 31 Oct 2012 06:18
Light winds continued over night, but went more easterly as we tried to go round the north of Breaksea Spit at the northern end of Fraser Island, and it took longer than we had hoped. The wind also dropped completely on a few occasions, so the engine came on to keep our through-the-water speed up to 3.5kts, which, with current gave a SOG (speed over the ground) of around 5kts. With the aim of heading for Brisbane rather than stopping at Mooloolaba, we don't need to average more than 5kts to get there on Thursday morning, so there's no rush and we can afford to sail slowly if we have to and minimise the use of the engine.

Our noon-to-noon run was 127 miles. Not too bad considering the light winds. At the moment we're ghosting along at 4-5kts across a flat sea. And the sun is shining too!

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