Day 2 - 17 17.217S 154 22.321W

Mike and Liz Downing
Tue 7 Sep 2010 02:29
The noon position on Day 2, with a noon-to-noon run of 140 miles. The wind dropped down a bit overnight and our speed with it. There's a lot of weather (40kts wind, thunderstorms and big seas) to the west, where we are heading. It's moving west so we're happy to slow down a bit and make sure we don't catch it up! Having come south during the night to keep well clear of a couple of small islands, we're now heading almost due west, so crossing the meridians of longitude relatively quickly. It was a glorious day yesterday and a good clear night with all the stars out - it was good sailing. The winds have picked up a bit today, although still quite variable in speed. Since leaving Bora-Bora the winds have varied from 10kts to 25kts. As we're running virtually dead down wind, our sail plan hasn't changed - the 2 genoas poled out and reefed according to wind speed. There's been more cloud and rain about today, but so far the rain has mostly missed us and we hope that continues!

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