Grenada - The tour

Mike and Liz Downing
Sat 13 Jun 2009 13:08
We used the local buses a lot in Grenada. Unlike the buses in the UK, if the driver sees you coming they not only wait for you, but get out and hold up the traffic going the other way so you can cross the road! They are all mini-buses carrying about 12 people and they drive fast - the more trips they do the more money they get. The traffic rules are more relaxed - not only do motorists use their mobile phones while driving, but the bus drivers do to! Having said that, all drivers here are much more considerate to other drivers. For example, most stop to allow others to pull out or cross the traffic -  everyone's too laid back for road rage! 
Although using the buses for local trips, a tour round of the Island is must and taxi drivers offer tours. We actually did 2 trips, one round the island and one up to the north to a beach where the turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. We got there about 20.00 (it gets dark here around 18.00) and were lucky to see 4 great Leatherback turtles come up the beach and lay their eggs. We did try to take some photos, but were not allowed to use flash so while we know what they are, others would find it difficult, so they're not included on the blog. But it was an unforgettable experience - it only needed David Attenborough's commentary! We returned well after midnight.
On our trip round the Island included one of Grenada's waterfalls, the rain forest, a chocolate processing plant, a nutmeg processing plant and a rum factory.   
The cashew nut and fruit, just one nut per fruit, no wonder they are expensive.
Above and below, the Annandale falls.
The Mona monkey, brought in by the slaves. now live wild in the rain forest. A banana will soon bring a group out in the open.
Chocolate pods in the rain forest.
Chocolate being dried at the factory in a fairly remote part of the Island.
Grenada makes a variety of very fine organic dark chocolate that's very strong - once you start eating it it's difficult to stop!
An old plantation house near the chocolate factory.
Explanation on the stone.
Nutmegs being dried at the factory, another of Grenada's exports.