More Pictures from the Blue Mountains

Mike and Liz Downing
Sun 17 Feb 2013 11:16
Just too many pictures to include in one blog entry (and this is a tiny selection of the photos taken!). The cloud having cleared on the Tuesday evening, it remained clear on Wednesday and Thursday and the views were fantastic - not the sort of scenery we associated with Australia. From the lookout over the Three Sisters and the Jamison Valley it was possible to follow a path down and cross a small bridge onto the first stack of the Three Sisters to see even more great views. With clear weather it's worth driving along the roads that skirt the cliff edge and go to all the lookout points for more views. An then there's Skyway (another cable car) to see it all from another perspective. Having soaked up the scenery around the Katoomba area on Wednesday, we headed back to Pittwater on Thursday, but via the Grand Circular route, stopping at the Grose Valley and the Blue Mountains Botanical Gardens nestled in the hillside at Mount Tomah. Both giving the opportunity to see more magnificent scenery.  The road back to Pittwater went through Richmond, Windsor, passed near Epping and on to St Ives. On the way to Katoomba and not far from it we went through Woodford. The main town in the Grose Valley is Blackheath. There are so many UK town names here, but they're nothing like their UK counterparts. (Woodford, in the heart of the Blue Mountains!)
The light was changing all the time and was particularly good when this was taken. 
Janice and Liz at one of the lookouts.
Looking down on the first of the Three Sisters, and ......
....... some of the steep steps to get down to it.
Views from the small bridge crossing over to it.
The bridge and more steps leading to it.
On the first of the Three Sisters, and by the _expression_, wondering whether the overhang I was under
was going to stay up!
Another view from under the overhang. The valley floor is straight down and it's a very long way!
The sign is warning that you cannot abseil. What fools would want to from up here!
Having got down this far it is possible to keep going down an incredibly steep stairway to the
valley floor. You have to have a head for heights and strong knees!
And don't we know it! (The foggy bit that is).
A selection of views across the Jamison Valley.
A hint of blue?
Another of the many lookouts.
The Katoomba Falls. You might wonder how we managed to take it,
looking straight at it like this. It's not difficult if ....................... 
............ you're in this! The Skyway crosses the valley with great views in all directions. This was
taken from above the Katoomba Falls.
After all that walking a little sustenance was required! (It's not that bad - there were 4 of us.)
The Grose Valley near Blackheath, a short drive from Katoomba.
The Bridal Veil Falls in the Grose valley. They're the highest falls in the
Blue Mountains at 180 metres in a single drop.
The falls are 965 metres (3166 feet) above sea level.
More photos of the valley.
Having moved on to Pulpit Rock near the town of Mt Victoria, the view changes from thick forest
to a mix of pasture and woodland.
It was in a lovely location, nestled in the hillside.
Looking down into the gardens and the views beyond.
Exquisite! (Protea)