Tahiti - Papeete the capital city - Photos

Mike and Liz Downing
Mon 30 Aug 2010 06:28
The undercover market had fish at one end, fruit and veg in the middle and handicrafts the other end. On the balcony surrounding it there were tourist stalls selling allsorts of Polynesian souvenirs -  arts, crafts and clothes, including black pearls. The Tuamotu islands are where the majority of the cultivated pearls come from and most end up in Tahiti.
An impromptu music session provided by the locals in the streets of Papeete. They're not buskers - no
hat for money - they just like playing and were good too.
Along the waterfront with Moorea in the distance
The waterfront on a rare overcast day.
A replica of a long distance Polynesian canoe.
More modern Polynesian canoes along the waterfront.
A Banyan tree near the quay - all those roots in the foreground!