Bora-Bora Update

Mike and Liz Downing
Tue 31 Aug 2010 11:00
Anchored in the south west of the lagoon when we first arrived and the colour of the water really is amazing and goes on for mile after mile. The depths are quite shallow - 15ft and a lot less in places - and the seabed is sand - the combination of the two gives the beautiful colour. There are a few coral outcrops in the area, but not that many, so not a lot of fish to be seen here. Eagle rays and others 'fly' across the sand from time to time and several have gone under the boat. While this is an idyllic spot, the wind has continued to blow, giving quite a chop on the water - almost needed the masks and snorkels for the dinghy trip ashore! The trip to the only 'town' on the island is too far for our dinghy so we moved to the other end of the main island to the Bora-Bora Yacht Club and picked up a mooring. At $7 a night it's quite reasonable and as the depth on the mooring is 85ft, it's easier than anchoring. The Yacht Club used to have a restaurant, but it got blown away by the last cyclone, so it now only has a bar. The main town is not so touristy as we thought it would be and is quite low key. We think the resorts, of which there are several, are quite self contained and people stay within them. We're told it takes an hour to drive round the island, but at £100 to hire a car for 2 hours, we'll give that a miss! We had planned to be on our way west by now, but Mike's still suffering with a throat infection following his Tahiti cold a month ago, so it's a few days of rest to let the new medicine (from the doctor here) do its trick (we hope!). There are worse places to convalesce!  
The huge expanse of turquoise water at the south of the lagoon.
Shoreline along the south of the main island.
Quite a chop on the water. The dive boat to the right offers helmet dives - a transparent helmet sits on
your shoulders and is filled with air to allow you to walk on the seabed below. We preferred to snorkel.
The difference in colour of the shallow water to the left and deep water to the right is clearly seen here.
Looking over the side of the boat at anchor.
On a mooring at the Bora-Bora Yacht Club, in 85ft of water.