Day 4 - 17 44.530S 159 02.679W

Mike and Liz Downing
Thu 9 Sep 2010 01:41
A noon-to-noon run of 126.2 miles. Less than normal, but the small storm jib hanked on the cutter stay and a scrap of genoa (less than half the storm jib) out the other side, have been the only sails up for the last 24 hours and is still all that we have up. The wind has moderated very little and the swell has remained high and is still coming from 2 different directions - east and south east, so the sea is still confused. With the wind still at 20-25kts, the sea is moderate to rough with white horses everywhere as the tops of the waves break all around us. It looks quite a sight in the sunshine. We're continuing to make 5 to 6kts and even in these condition, it's quite comfortable, particularly below and if we're not doing anything, like sleeping. When we are doing something we just have to be ready for the next roll induced by the south east swell.

Had targeted an arrival on Thursday afternoon, but having slowed down to suit the conditions we're aiming for early Friday - we definitely want to arrive in the light. So with 220 miles to go we only need to make an average of 5 1/2 kts to do that. That's assuming the weather conditions will allow us to stop at Palmerston. If not, it's another 400 miles to continue on to Niue.

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